Convention Center Architects

by Michael J. Shapiro | July 01, 2014

Tomorrow's convention centers will be more integrated with their communities and more responsive to attendees, as revealed in these profiles of facility designers.


Tough Topics in Hotel Contracts

by Sarah J.F. Braley | July 01, 2014
M&C convened a panel of meetings-industry legal experts to discuss critical contract clauses, common mistakes and more.

Competing for the 2016 Republican National Convention

by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | June 01, 2014
Here's how two second-tier cities, Cleveland and Kansas City, Mo., are vying to snag the spoils of a presidential nominating convention.

Sister Cities

by Lisa A Grimaldi | June 01, 2014
In an innovative move, a number of destination marketing organizations from far-flung locations have partnered to promote their cities in tandem.

Small Meetings Solutions

by Michael J. Shapiro | June 01, 2014
Meetings in the under-25 sleeping-room category comprise more than 70 percent of total bookable gatherings, yet many are unmanaged and untracked. Here's what hotels are doing to improve the process for all.

Off-Site, Offbeat Venues

by Jonathan Vatner | June 01, 2014
Here is a guide to finding truly unique sites, from parking lots to the halls of academia, and how best to use them for events.

Touchiest Topics in Hotel Negotiations

by Michael J. Shapiro | May 01, 2014
This frank and informative discussion between a hotelier and a meeting planner reveals strategies for getting the most out of this relationship in a seller's market.

High-Design Hotels

by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | May 01, 2014
Here are 10 properties that exemplify the beautiful results when hotels partner with some of the world's iconic architects, artists and fashion notables.

Millennial-Friendly Hotels

by Michael C. Lowe | May 01, 2014
The five brands profiled here specifically target the generation born between the early 1980s and 1999, a cohort that accounts for a fast-growing percentage of travelers.

Hotel Cheat Sheet

by Michael J. Shapiro | May 01, 2014
In the volatile world of new hotel product, here's an at-a-glance look at seven major hospitality companies, their brands and where each falls in the chain scale.

The Science Of Relationships

by David Jonas, Executive Editor, Business Travel News& Sarah J.F. Braley, Senior Editor, M&C | May 01, 2014
Buyers Marry Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Feedback in Quest for Mutually Beneficial Supplier Connections

What's New in Gaming

by The M&C Staff | April 01, 2014
M&C's annual report covers new and renovated gaming properties in key destinations around the country.


Quick Chat With Helene Lippe, CMP

by Allen J. Sheinman | June 01, 2014
The group services manager for the Hampton (Va.) Convention & Visitor Bureau discusses working with the government market and its tight budget restrictions.


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The World Hotel Index has released a list of the cities with the most expensive hotels in the world, on average. Geneva, Switzerland, comes in at no. 1 with an...

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Verbatim comments from our July 2014 research survey.

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Our latest poll makes it official: Meeting planners are, for the most part, germophobes.

News Analysis

Trump Collection to Exceed 30 Hotels by 2020

In an exclusive Q&A, Ivanka Trump talks about the growth of the Trump Collection and her approach to the meetings market.

CEIR Survey Reveals Top Reasons for Attendee Loss

New research from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research finds inconvenient location is the number-one reason for non-attendance at an event.

Pennsylvania Convention Center Moves to Improve Reputation

Four of six labor unions at the facility agree to new work rules and customer rights.

Dorchester Hotels Lose Meetings Over Brunei Laws

Institution of harsh Shari'a laws in the Southeast Asian nation lead to cancelled events at Dorchester Collection hotels, which are owned by the Brunei...